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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do you need prior investing experience to participate in Stock Battles?

A:  No.  All you need is a desire to compete and a willingness to learn.

Q: How big is the time commitment?

A:  Not a lot.  As a team you will be asked to do some research so you are prepared for the battle.  You can put in as much time as you have available.

Q: What does a "diverse team" mean?

A:  A team that includes different ethnicities and/or genders.

Q:  Can I really win $2,000?

A:  Yes.  Your school can also win $1,000

Q:  What if I can't find other students to join my team?

A:  Ask a guide counselor or teacher for recommendations.  You only need one partner to form a team.

Q:  Do you have to be a DIME member to participate?

A:  No, Stock Battles is open to all high school students

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