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Welcome to the 2022 Stock Battles Competition!  I'm so glad you decided to join students from around the country in representing your high school.  This year's competition is going to be amazing.  On behalf of the DIME Program, I wish every team the best of luck.  Let the battle begin!

Dion Woods

Professional Microphone with Pop Filter

Register your team by sending us a TikTok style video that explains the power of compound interest to a child and an elderly person!  The video can't be more than 1:30 minutes long.  Each video should start with your team name, a brief introduction of team members and the school you attend.  Six teams will be chosen to participate in the Stock Battles competition.  Each team will be selected based on its diversity; as well as their video's creativity, excitement, clarity, quality, and comprehension of the subject.  All members of the team must actively contribute to the video.

Be sure to read the eligibility requirements before you submit your video.  Send your video and signed release form to before September 22, 2022

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