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2024 Registration

Attention all high school students! Are you looking to start your wealth journey and potentially earn college scholarships? If so, the 2024 DIME PROGRAM registration is officially open and waiting for you! Join students from all over the country and take advantage of this unique opportunity to build your financial future. Sign up now and get ready to embark on an exciting journey towards success!

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Questions  & Answers

Q:  Is the program open to all high school students?

A:   The program is open to all 11th and 12th-grade high school students who have a 2.5 or greater GPA

Q:  When does the program start?

A:   The program will begin in the Fall of 2024.  Classes will virtually meet one day per week, typically in the evening, and last 1.5 hours.

Q:  Can students earn money or college scholarships?

A:   Students can earn actual stock through the program and college scholarships if they complete the two-year program.

Q:  How much does the program cost?

A:   The program is free for all participants.

Q:  How do I enroll?

A:  Complete the application and submit a one-minute video explaining your interest in the program.

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