The DIME programs target minority 11th and 12th grade high school students and college student athletes.

High School

The DIME program is a free six-week immersion program that allows minority high school students the opportunity to compete (and profit) in an exciting stock market game while also learning about the underpinnings of the capital market system.


There are opportunities to win cash prizes, build new relationships, earn extracurricular credit and receive scholarship awards. Furthermore, our students receive training from some of the brightest minds in the asset management industry!


June 2021

Investment Showcase

College Minority Student Athletes

Learn about the major career paths and what it takes to succeed from industry professionals across sales, trading, investment banking, asset management, hedge funds, private equity/credit, client service, operations, investment consulting, and more.


Engage in small-group virtual networking to connect one-on-one in the careers that interest you the most.

Let us help you to go to work!

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