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What students have to say about DIME

DIME has taught me the value of creating relationships and communicating in order to run a successful company, as well as the value of accumulating wealth and understanding the industry.

Madison Knight

DIME has also shaped me into being more open minded and overall a better human. I gained the knowledge of investment banking and how to choose a stock. As well as how to analyze trends and reviewing financial statements.

Zoe Page

Through DIME, I went from wanting to be an actuary to really wanting to make a future in financial markets. Finance is far from boring. There is nothing in this world that finance doesn’t touch.”

Warren Chapman

“I have a strong passion and interest in diversity in all areas. DIME has put me in a position to take real action and to start to implement what I learned about investment strategies. I learned how to correctly analyze and evaluate stocks and companies as a whole. I learned the value of credit and how it works. Since that lesson, I have been working with my father to start to build my credit.”

Charles Sutton


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